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UKPressOnline is a professional online research facility for the public, business, re-publishers and Education and Library researchers who want to retrieve as-published pages from the back catalogues of some of the world's leading newspaper titles, including the Daily Express and Daily Mirror*. UKPressOnline is what the publishers, themselves, use to search their own archives!

* Please note: while all users can access all available Express Newspapers titles, Public and Business access to the Mirror archive is restricted to pages from 1903-1980; only Education and Library institutions can access Mirror 1903-present.

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UKPressOnline has the back catalogue of the Daily Mirror, Daily Express and other major titles, so there's no need to search through offline archives. Just type in your search and let UKPressOnline do the rest.

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When you search for a story or headline in the text of the pages - or you can search by date alone - your results are returned to you as either Tiff or pdf full-page files, in which the design and content reflects that of the original printed version of the newspaper.

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As a subscriber you can download the pdf file, so there's no waiting around for re-scans: with UKPressOnline, the page you need is just a click away.

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Many universities, colleges, schools and public libraries already subscribe to our archives. If yours doesn't have a subscription, we offer up to a month's free trial to any Education or Library institution: UKPressOnline is a member of JISC Collections (Joint Information Systems Committee). For more information, contact

UKPressOnline, the fast, accurate, easy way to access the archives of some of the world's famous newspapers, is provided by Digitorial Ltd, under licence from Trinity Mirror Plc, Express Newspapers Ltd and other publishers.

Newspaper Archives

South Eastern Gazette 1852 - 1912
Daily Mirror 1903 - 1980
Daily Mirror Academic 1903 - current
Daily Express 1900 - current
Sunday Express 2000 - current
Daily Star 2000 - current
Daily Star Sunday 2002 - current
Church Times 1863 - current
The Watchman 1835 - 1884
Daily Worker 1930 - 1945
Morning Star 2000 - current
World War Two* 1933 - 1945
The Great War in Kent 1914-1918
World War One** 1914-1918

*Comprised of wartime editions of the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Fascist Week, Action!, Blackshirt, Yorkshire Post and Daily Worker

**Comprised of issues of the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Church Times, Kent Messenger, Herne Bay Press, South Eastern Gazette

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