Getting Started

Finding your way around

The top of the page

One of the first things you should get to grips with is the layout of the Top Menu, otherwise known as the Navigation Bar, as this is how you access different parts of UKPressOnline.

Navigation bar

Home This is the Home page of UKPressOnline. Usually the first thing you see when you arrive at the site.
Blog Is a place to catch up on news, comments and updates about the site.
About Us The who, what, where and why of UKPressOnline.
Prices A comprehensive list of our prices for personal, higher education, school and library access.
Help This help guide.
FAQ Helpful answers to our customers most important questions.
Links Showing how to reach our publishers and other related websites that may be of interest.
Contact Us Our email.
Shop Our online shop where you can purchase different subscriptions.
Low Graphics View Slower computers might find viewing certain aspects of UKPressOnline difficult so this option is for them.
Log In Once registered you can log in and access other features of the site.
Register Create a free account.
Your Basket Displays the number of items you have selected to purchase and their total price.

Once you are logged in

Navigation bar logged in
Search Takes you to Advanced Search, which is available on the menu only when you are logged in.
My Account Where you can manage things such are your password and contact preferences.
Log Out

Exit your account. Once Logged Out, you will have to log in again with your password to continue using your account.

The bottom of the page

There is a link to our facebook page here where you can view video walkthroughs of the site.

There are also links to our "Privacy" and "Legal" policies.

Getting Started

Your first simple search

You don't need to Register or Log in to try your first search of the archive. Simply enter a phrase or keyword in the search database box and you can preview any relative pages as thumbnail images.

Search box

Your search will scan every bit of text in every page of the archive, returning any relative pages as results and displaying them page by page as thumbnails in blocks of eight or more (depending on the size of your screen and preferences).

If you search for generic terms such as "Prime Ministers" it is unlikely to find reports of Winston Churchill unless that search term appeared on a page about Churchill. Furthermore, if you search for simply Churchill, you are also likely to find pages that include adverts for Churchill insurance, so you should try to be as specific as you can.

Shown below are some the results of a search for Winston Churchill.

Thumbnail view

Notice how three of the pages contain adverts. This is because you are viewing the page exactly as it went to print.

Without registering or logging into an account you cannot use any of the icons below the thumbnails yet to view or save each page in a larger format.

You can however see how many hits your search has returned and adjust how they are displayed and sorted on the righthand side of the screen in a side menu. This is explained in more detail later in this Help guide.

Search details

Getting Started

Registering with UKPressOnline

Registering with UKPressOnline is free with no obligation, only takes a minute and allows you greater access to the archive. UKPressOnline does not share your details with other websites (see "Privacy") or send you emails, except for the management of your Registration or when there is a major change to the website or its terms and conditions (see "Legal").

When you have registered and logged in, the Welcome message recognises you and adds Search to the Navigation bar at the top of each page.

Register title image

When you click Register you will be taken to the User Registration form as shown below.

User registration

Once you have successfully filled in the form and ticked to accept the terms and conditions, you will receive the following message.

Congratulations you have now registered

Getting Started

Logging into your account

When you click Log in you are taken to the following screen.

Log in image

First enter your Username and Password (the ones you registered and created your account with).

Personal users (i.e. those not using a university or business account), should just click Log in to proceed.

However if you are in a university, school, library or business that has purchased a subscription with us, you may be able to press IP log in and log into its account instead. This will give you access to any subscriptions it has purchased but still give you the ability to create a personal sub-account with your own details, Bookshelf and a IP log in.

There is another way to log in for members of the UK Federation but personal users can ignore this.

UK Federation Access

Getting Started

Forgotten Username or Password

Don't worry if you cannot remember the Username or Password you registered with. On the log in page, simply click where it says Click forgotten password and you will be taken to a page where we can help you.

Enter email to reclaim log in details

By entering the email address you used when registering, we can send your account details to you. Give it a short time, check your email and you'll soon be able to log back in.

An email has been sent

Remember, if you experience any other problems logging in, contact us and we will try to resolve your issue.

Advanced Searching

Improving your results with a more Advanced Search

When you log in as a registered user you are immediately taken to the Advanced Search screen where you can configure your search; to search for an exact phrase or word, all pages or only front pages and specify a date range. You can also choose which order any results are displayed in as well as select specific publications.

Advanced search box

Unlike in the simple keyword search, here you can search using multiple criteria. Through small drop down menus you can you choose the following;

Search parameters

By combining options you can search for, say, "Road Safety" and "Churchill" but not "Insurance" to avoid seeing too many adverts.

The "Search For" boxes above only allow you to enter keywords; you cannot enter a date in them as they only search the actual text of the pages. For searching by dates you should use the "Date From" and "Date To" boxes.

date ranges

Indeed you can search by date alone - but remember to tick the box search by date alone.

By choosing to search only the front pages and/or limiting the search to a specific date or date range, you can narrow your results further. However, there may still be a lot of hits, perhaps far too many to browse through, so choosing the order they are displayed in can help too. "Relevance" shows pages in the order that your search criteria were most-accurately found, down to least-accurately found, while "Most recently updated" returns results in the order the pages were most recently updated in the archive - which might not necessarily be the most-recently published!

When you think you're done, click search to get your results.

For more detail on Advanced Search, see our FAQ.

Viewing your results

Manipulating results using the side menu

To the right of your results is a side menu that allows you to browse your results and change how they are displayed or ordered.

Number of hits

This is where you see the number of hits your search has returned. You can move backwards back and forwards forward in increments through the results or back to the first results skip to beginning and ahead to last skip to end.

Search details Beneath this is a brief summary of your search and in which publication it was carried out.
Different views

You can then switch between 3 different ways of viewing your results. There is more about this on the next help page.

Thumbnail view Thumbnail view

List view List View

Gallery view Gallery View

Sort results by

Change the order your results are displayed in.

Change the order of your results

New search or go to Bookshelf

Or conduct a New/Refined search by returning to the Advanced Search page or view your Bookshelf of favourite pages.

Finally, for your reference, there is a key to the icons used beneath the results.

Zoom View larger preview of the page.
Subscription only.
Add to Bookshelf Add page to your personal Bookshelf so that you can easily view it again later.
View pdf file View page as a full size high resolution pdf file. Subscription only.
Save PDF file Save high resolution PDF of the page to your computer. Subscription only.
Report bad page Report problems with the page to site administrator. Subscription only.

Viewing your results

Arranging how they are displayed

Now that you have carried out your Search you can view your results.

The pages are always displayed on the left but you can change how they are arranged.

Thumbnail View

By selecting Thumbnail view in the Advanced Search options or on the side menu your results will be displayed in exactly the same way as the Simple Search. Without subscribing to any publications you can still add pages to your Bookshelf for viewing later (kind of like favourites in an internet browser). However, if you are a subscriber, you can view things in much better detail.

Thumbnail view

List view

When selecting List view from the Advanced Search options or side menu, results are displayed one at a time, in rows, going down the page with an extract of text from the page shown to the side - but with your search criterion highlighted.

List view

Gallery View

Gallery view is similar to Thumbnail view in that the results are displayed side by side, in rows and columns. However, as in List view each result has extracts of its text to the righthand side - again, with your search criterion highlighted.

Gallery view

If you are registered and a subscriber, by clicking on one of the pages you will be taken to a special Preview page where the pages are displayed in a larger format.

Viewing your results

Preview view

This page is available only to subscribers.

While viewing your results, if you click on the actual page image or on the zoom symbol you will be taken to a Preview page where you can view a larger version of the page, with the whole issue laid out in thumbnail spreads on the righthand side.

Preview top navigation
Preview pages

Clicking the pages will flick you backwards and forwards through the Edition. You can also click on any page of the Edition on the right to jump to that spread.

Preview thumbnails

By pressing Zoom again a new browser window will open and display an easily read, much larger version of the page.

Preview bottom navigation

Pressing Previous Edition or Next Edition moves you backwards or forwards through the history of the publication, one Edition at a time.

Note: Your searched-for page in the righthand issue column remains highlighted with a green bar.

Preview other pages

Clicking Previous edition takes you back to your original page of results, at the point at which you left it.

Your Account

Managing your account

Clicking on My account will take you to the account maintenance screen. Here you can change your personal details, view your search history and change your password among other things.

My Account options

Your Account

Account preferences

Here you can change the way UKPressOnline can contact you. Occasionally UKPressOnline will send out a newsletter or notify you of forthcoming site maintenance. UKPressOnline can also, if you choose, notify you about updates to pages you have commented on through email notifications.

If you do not wish to receive any communication from UKPressOnline, simply un-tick each box.

Account preferences

Your Account

Your Bookshelf

Your Bookshelf is a place to store your favourite pages. Whether it is a page you are researching, just find interesting or has some meaning to you, you can store it here to easily find again later.

Image of Bookshelf

You can access your own personal Bookshelf via My account or via the side menu of a Search.

You can also add any page to your Bookshelf, even if you don't have a subscription for that publication yet, by clicking the Bookshelf Add to Bookshelf icon next to each page. This will make a small pop-up box appear, asking you if it is ok to add it or if you wish to Cancel.

Browsing Bookshelf

There is no limit to the number of pages you can add to your Bookshelf. The more you add though, the more you will have to browse through: on the righthand side is a simple way to jump through them, identical to the side menu on an Advanced Search.

Browsing Bookshelf