UKPressOnline announces WWII Newspaper Archive

Digitorial Ltd announce a new online Newspaper Archive resource for school curriculum support:

UKPressOnline's World War II; from the Rise of Hitler to the fall of Churchill (1933 to 1945).

The WWII education package (and resource kit) is designed to provide a new concept in online resources for use in the classroom and at home. Covering a number of Newspaper titles published during the war with searchable text, full page images and extra functionality, this is a new, unique and completely fascinating resource which brings the period to life in the words, pictures and reports of those who lived through and reported the news as it happened. Covering the years between the Election of Hitler and the Khaki election which saw Churchill ejected from Downing Street , this resource provides a unique perspective which encompasses the mainstream, regional and political extremes in wartime Britain.

Titles which are included are:

The Daily Express;

The Daily Mirror;

Blackshirt, Action, and Fascist Week (the press of the Political Far-Right of the period);

The Daily Worker (representing the Communist Political Far-Left);

The Yorkshire Post, from the North of England;

What can you do with the archive in your school?

Once your school has registered an account we can make access automatically available via IP recognition.

Staff and pupils may register a personal account. This allows extra functions to be used, such as the ‘Bookshelf’ where favourite or important pages may be stored;

Basic functions include:

Simple Search: Search all titles for words entered into a search box;

Advanced Search: Search for publications by Date, Date-Range, Words, combinations of words, combinations of words and dates and from the list of titles (for instance choose to search only the Daily Mirror and the Yorkshire Post).

View results as:

Page Thumbnails Gallery;

Page Thumbnails Gallery with (highlighted) text-in-context;

Page Thumbnails List with (highlighted) text-in-context;

View or browse editions:

View as Preview of the Facing Pages (Page Spreads);

The Edition View presents a scrollable edition, presented as Thumbnails;

Zoom into the Preview :

A quick look at a Low Resolution full-size Page View;

Download a copy of the full-page PDF to:

Zoom in to full resolution;

Reprint at up to Poster-size;

Keep and re-use the PDF file as per the education licence

The pages are licensed for educational re-use.

Other matching resources are available from Historic Newspapers.

The cost for an Annual Subscription to WWII: From the Rise of Hitler to the Downfall of Churchill is £42 (plus VAT) per School for on-site access. Access to staff, pupils and family is available via school portals for a small supplementary charge (NB there is no extra charge if access is via UKFederated access. Check with your Grid for Learning for information).

This package is also available to Public Libraries and to FE/HE establishments (prices on application)